Features Engineered solely for Taxi business

  • Easy to use
  • Secured bookings
  • Reliable application
  • Keep total control
  • Customize anytime
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    Passenger App

    Mobile App that helps passengers to book trips , travel and pay anywhere anytime.


    Driver App

    Mobile app for drivers to accept trip request, pick, travel and get paid.


    Dispatcher Panel

    Web based panel with google maps to take phone bookings, manage taxi, drivers and assign trips.


    Company Admin Panel

    Web based panel to monitor, extract reports and track dispatchers, drivers, taxis and passengers.


    Master Admin Panel

    Web based panel to monitor, extract reports and track companies / branches , dispatchers, drivers, taxis and passengers.

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Grab more passengers

Put your taxi company logo and start branding your passenger app instantly. It is easy to use, easy to customize, dynamic passenger app that helps grab more passengers in this technological era.

  • Free to download
  • Secured login
  • One tap taxi booking
  • Track trip using GPS
  • Waiting time stopwatch
  • Auto calculation of fare
  • Cash / Card Payment
  • Trip history.
  • Recurrent booking.
  • Social sharing & ratings.

Keep your drivers engaged

Using Driver app, Taxi companies can easily see their taxi business booming without any manual efforts. Automatic interaction takes place between driver app and passengers app. And you can monitor all these right from your office seat. Dispatchers using their dispatcher panel can also assign trips to drivers.

  • Free to download
  • Accept / Decline trip requests.
  • View active trips.
  • Call passenger
  • View trip routes using GPS.
  • Process payments using app.
  • Trip history.
  • Get Ratings.

Automatic dispatch and billing

With our intelligent Dispatcher panel, dispatchers can take phone bookings, schedule trips, assign trips to drivers, manage taxi locations, take recurrent bookings, track payments and auto email taxi fare receipts after completion of the trip. Taxi companies will have 99% less chance of losing any passenger from any mode of communication.

  • Add telephone bookings.
  • Booking form with Google map.
  • View ongoing trips in real time.
  • Take recurrent bookings. (one time booking for various trips)
  • Auto Dispatch of taxis or Assign Driver manually.
  • View and monitor trip history, passenger details, driver details, Taxi details, transactions, payment mode and status.

Monitor everything right from your admin panel

As Tagmytaxi is a multi state / city platform, Taxi companies / Branches using company admin panel can have total control over their dispatchers, drivers, taxi, transactions within their territory. Can, add, edit, block / unblock any users anytime. Can manage taxi fare, taxi model, CMS of apps and websites.

  • View Dashboard with statistics.
  • Add Company / Branch Details.
  • Add Social media details
  • Manage Fare details , cancellation charges and night fare
  • Monitor dispatchers, Drivers, taxi, payments.
  • List wise transaction details offering transparency and control.
  • Experience easy access with search options.

Analytics and insights to leverage your business

Master Admin Panel controls all the company admin panels, dispatcher panels, driver app, passenger app and transactions. Has all the analytics, statistics, reports that are derived after analysing passenger behaviour, revenue generated and driver capabilities so that the solution owner can discover new insights to leverage his business.

  • Real time updation of details in Master Admin panel.
  • Perform complete CRM activities.
  • Provide Login credentials to solution users.
  • Customize user visibility to details and transaction.
  • Manage site settings, SMS templates, Social networking site settings, Payment gateways and commission settings.
  • Account report and total earnings.