On-demand dispatch solutions - apps like uber

Looking for legendary apps like Uber?

Start your new venture right away with the most renowned taxi app clone that is incomparable in its performance and scalability, and white-labelled for your brand popularity. What we provide is a completely customisable taxi software to help you launch an Uber-like on-demand business. It’s an Uber clone script adaptable to suit your requirements.

  •   Uber for Tow Trucks

    Integrated with a responsive interface and multi-location access, the uber-like app for tow trucks allows towing companies to easily locate and provide timely service.

  •   Uber for Shuttle Services

    The Uber clone app is perfectly suited to manage shuttle services from different pick up and drop off points with a full overview and control over all customer enquiries.

  •   Uber for Limo Industry

    The Uber app operates specifically in the limousine industry with advanced fleet tracking, real-time connectivity, precise reporting and perfect payment management.

  •   Uber for Courier and Delivery

    The Uber clone app for courier industry makes it easy for businesses to keep track of on-time delivery of the product with complete delivery control and in-depth analytics.

  •   Uber for Laundry

    The Uber-like laundry app holds the right technology to provide automated on-demand laundry services, where customers can schedule laundry pickup/delivery via app.

  •   Uber for Paratransit Users

    The app like Uber designed for the paratransit users supports fast and reliable booking system with a friendly user interface to ensure the customers receive the best service.

  •   Uber for Corporates

    The application provides specialised solutions for the business sector to manage rides to meetings, rides home and rides for business travel.

  •   Uber for House Cleaning

    The uber-clone app for house cleaning allows users to book a request, track the arrival of the taskers, get notifications on the arrival status and provide hassle-free transactions.

  •   Uber for Movers

    It’s a complete package that perfectly suit the requirements of movers with the seamless integration of GPS and Google Maps and much more.