4 Pitfalls of NOT having a Taxi App like Uber

4 Pitfalls of NOT having a Taxi App like Uber

Today, the world of taxi and transportation industry has entered a whole new dimension. Mobile applications and emerging technological advancements dominate the ecosystem, changing the very definition of how passengers hail taxis. Uber and its competitors became the pioneers of this movement and taxi businesses quickly followed suit. While progress continues to affect the taxi landscape, there are a few taxi owners who remain skeptical in adopting an Uber-like taxi app owing to various misconceptions. To name a few, most taxi owners think:

i) their business is too small to invest in a taxi app.
ii) my drivers will not be comfortable using an application.
iii) adopting such a technology will be way out of my budget.
iv) my business won’t lose out on anything major by not owning a taxi app.

Well, here’s where taxi owners are gravely mistaken. There are four major ways in which your business will lose out by not adopting a taxi app like Uber.

Complicated and inconvenient booking

If a taxi business goes the traditional way of providing taxi service, here’s how the scenario might be. A customer will call your taxi service where the dispatcher will assess customer trip details. Next, the dispatcher contacts the drivers to identify available taxis. Once the dispatcher locates a driver, the customer information is then provided to him/her. Not only is this process long, it is tedious, inconvenient and complicated.

Where this process may have worked in the past, this is the modern age, where customers seek only three aspects – speed, convenience and comfort. So by not having your own taxi app like Uber, your taxi business risks providing bad customer experience.

Limited customer range

When a taxi business is tied down to a particular location, it is at a disadvantage of limited visibility. Besides, without the convenience of a taxi app, customers will not prefer choosing your service, resulting in a large number of lost customers. However, with an app-like Uber, a taxi business can broaden its horizon and reach out to more customers.

Incapability of handling a large number of trips

Without any automated dispatching system, taxi businesses will experience a monumental challenge of handling a large number of trips. Dispatchers will be caught up in a web of complex processes of communicating with dispatchers, connecting with customers, monitoring trip progress and managing a large amount of data which needs to be handled manually and quickly. Whereas, a taxi dispatch system automates and streamlines the taxi operations quite easily.

Invisibility over business operations

Manual reporting and monitoring can be inaccurate and chaotic. Without precise information and real-time data, taxi businesses will have no clue of how their operations are going, the areas where unnecessary expenditure is made, revenue opportunities and so much more. With a taxi dispatch system in place, taxi operators can make use of invaluable insights to make data-driven decisions.

An Uber-like taxi app has innumerable benefits and it has become a prerequisite to survive the competitiveness of the taxi landscape. Take a step towards the modern-age to push your business to greater heights with a taxi app like Uber.

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