4 Trending features of the taxi industry

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Taxis have become an integral part of our life in recent times due to increased traffic congestion and ease of booking through apps. From booking to dispatching, everything has been made simple and effective with the help of the platform. This is mainly because of the salient features and vital benefits present in the platform that add perks to the taxi business.

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In today’s market trends, there are certain must-have additions, apart from the usual features. Here are the top four features every modern taxi business should have:

Heat maps

It was a big challenge in the early days to predict the taxi attraction points in a particular locality. Even if you know the zones, it’s highly impossible to predict the peak or surge times. With the heat maps feature, crowded and taxi attraction points will be identified and rather being ideal for a long time or waiting for trips, the admin can make their drivers available in those zones and take trips easily.

Customer feedback

Marketing strategies can be implemented to get customers’ opinions and suggestions. Right from online surveys to reviews and ratings, customer feedback could have a great impact on your business to improve your operations.

Also, by providing referral rewards, your business can gain customer loyalty and attract new customers, all at the same time.

Driver reward points

The driver reward system is an effective strategy to retain your existing drivers and expand your team. Every time a driver introduces a new prospect into your business, they can earn extra revenue based on the points earned. While your drivers are motivated through additional revenue opportunities, your business has the opportunity of recruiting skilled drivers through referrals.


Providing safe rides is the topmost priority of any taxi business. To ensure that your passengers feel safe, you can adopt the OTP (One-time password) feature in your mobile app to verify drivers.

Also, you can provide your passengers with the option to share the live location with their family and friends. This way, both the rider and their closed ones are aware of their safe transits.

Additionally, in case of an emergency, passengers can use the SOS button which will notify the rider’s closed ones to help them take any necessary actions.

If you are new to the taxi business or an entrepreneur looking to make a mark in the taxi business, it’s very essential to adopt these must-haves to your taxi dispatch platform and keep up with the trend. Ready to implement these features for your business? Talk to the Tagmytaxi team today.


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