5 tools everyone in the taxi industry should be using

5 tools everyone in the taxi industry should be using

For taxi businesses to survive the stiff competition, being technologically relevant and keeping up with industry trends is what defines their success. With tech-savvy customers taking over the ecosystem, it necessitates a repertoire of tools to stay on top. These advancements not only help in tackling fickle users but also benefits your business in many ways.

Let’s take a look at the essentials for every taxi business.

1. Bringing the convenience of mobile applications

App-based taxi hailing businesses disrupted the taxi industry, all with their convenience factor. The key USP of Uber, Lyft and their adversaries have been the ease with which a user can book their ride – and that’s what your business needs too.

Passenger application: Smartphones have become a part of our everyday life. By letting your users book a ride from their most commonly used devices, your business can expand its reach exponentially. From instant booking, tracking the driver location, knowing the ride fare in advance to multiple payment modes, a mobile application helps in providing a comfortable experience. See the must-have features your Uber-like taxi app can incorporate.

Driver application: Drivers are faced with the challenge of arriving at the pickup or destination on time. A driver application breaks down such barriers by offering in-app navigation. Plus, through this app, drivers can access necessary customer information without having to contact the dispatcher.

2. An efficient way to taxi dispatching

The need for speedy service is exceedingly high. A taxi dispatch system empowers dispatchers in handling innumerable trip requests with utmost efficiency. The software automates the dispatching process, letting operators monitor driver activities and daily operations with ease. With quick response time, your business will have no trouble in managing your business with a taxi dispatch software, thereby improving customer service and building a larger customer base.

3. Strengthening communication between dispatchers and drivers

Miscommunication can cost your taxi business thousands, and that is something no one can bear. Always ensure that there is an uninterrupted communication flow between your dispatchers and drivers. A taxi dispatch system is the best way for operators to monitor driver activities, notify customer updates and make sure that drivers reach the customer on time. Through the mobile app, drivers can also communicate with the dispatchers in case of an emergency situation. This way, there is an open channel of communication, thereby benefiting your business.

4. Build an effective social media presence

Social media is a powerful platform for brands to build their image and connect with users. And this is no different for taxi businesses.

Social media acts as the perfect channel for businesses to communicate with users, address their grievances and build engagement. When taxi businesses are quick to respond to users, a sense of commitment is built. This can be a step towards building customer loyalty.

5. Market your brand

Local and digital marketing are two indispensable aspects of running a successful taxi business. Promotional activities are a great way to persuade customers to come back to your services and also to attract new users. A popular strategy is to partner with nearby restaurants to offer discounts by scanning the QR code. Understand your audience, build a strategy and assess the outcome to widen your audience.

Stay competitive and build a sustainable business by incorporating these five tools for your taxi company.

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