Automate Driver Billing and Settlement Processes Through Taxi Management Software

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As an on-demand taxi company, you may have an impressive fleet that means you would be in a midst of managing a hub of drivers; the number will also grow constantly. What if you can automate the payout and billing system that will ultimately reduce the workload of management?

Settle your drivers with no paper/Excel work

To automate the driver settlement, you do not have to integrate any third-party billing system into your taxi dispatch software. There are software that come with inbuilt “Account settlement” feature. If your system is integrated with payment gateways, then all your transactions will be tracked easily and kept ready for your perusal. Such an account settlement system will be an add-on feature for the taxi aggregators to make the most sensitive process of generating invoices and making settlements with ease. It has been introduced into the taxi industry to help business operators like you to know the details of payables/receivables to/from the drivers in the most convenient way.

If passengers made payment through cash or card other than online payment, you can also track those payments and calculate accordingly and automatically. This will allow you to have a clear picture of payment made already, payables to drivers, and receivables from drivers on a single platform.

Workability of billing and settlement module in taxi software

1. Drivers can view their receivables and payables in their application and can request the admin/company to settle their balance amount.
2. Likewise, the admin can also view the requests received from the drivers and initiate settlement
3. The admin can also access the “Settlement History” report at any time that will show the list of settlements made previously and provide complete details of the trip, driver, company he belongs, payment-related information, and so on.

While there is a better way to simplify your trivial processes like billing and settlement, adhere to a taxi management software to get things done in a few taps. On-demand taxi software will definitely help you to:

1. Create invoices instantly as soon as the trip ends;
2. Have a consolidated or individual report for an individual driver and a company;
3. Calculate automatically the total amount to be paid/received to/from drivers by deducting advances;
4. Release payments instantly with no further calculation or confusing; and
5. Allow admin to view the history of settlements.

The taxi dispatch software, like Tagmytaxi, is built with features that can simplify the entire process of invoicing and payments to drivers. You cannot work manually on all settlements when your business grows and when are in a position to acquire and handle more number of drivers. Therefore, find the best taxi dispatch solution that can help you through settlements.

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