Bike Taxis: An Emerging On-demand Transportation System

The ride-hailing service becomes the most reliable transportation system across the globe, which has been made convenient in all possible ways and is still getting better. The taxi-booking and taxi-dispatching applications have made things easier for business operators to deliver the intended services seamlessly. It is time for bike taxis concept to emerge that is growing at a rapid pace because of the convenience it provides even on the congested urban areas. Even though there are regulatory issues in many regions, it is gaining prominence among the users as well as the service providers.

As have the on-demand taxi businesses, bike taxi service can also have a supportive bike taxi management software with features that can disrupt the business. However, the on-demand dispatching solution should be accompanied by booking and dispatching applications for bike taxi passengers and drivers.

Have you ever gone through a taxi booking app? The core concept remains the same for bike taxi service also. So, the on-demand transportation software can help you in this regard but with enhanced routing system. Or else, there are technology service providers such as Tagmytaxi who delivers an exclusive, white-labeled bike taxi software with all the required applications and features to manage and handle bike taxi service eminently.

Bike taxis can reach the locations faster even in heavy traffic and narrow lanes than four-wheeler taxis. Even though there are regulatory issues going on across various regions, the common public is eagerly waiting for the service as it would be the best option to reach places with ease even during the peak hours. Besides, there are other reasons why people prefer to choose a bike taxi: (1) convenience, (2) economical, and (3) safety.

Essential Features of a Bike Taxi Management Software

Any on-demand transportation software will have separate applications for passengers and drivers, and unique administrative modules for dispatcher and admin. Each app/platform should be equipped with its below-specified features to provide a reliable bike taxi service.

Bike Taxi Booking App

1. Booking and GPS-enabled tracking
2. Integrated payment gateways and multiple payment options
3. Multi-language option
4. Feedback option
5. Loyalty program
6. SOS button for safety

Bike Taxi Driver app

1. Real-time booking alerts
2. Improved tracking system with optimized routing
3. Wallet and referral system
4. Feedback options
5. Emergency button

Dispatch Panel

1. Auto and manual dispatching
2. Bookings and cancellation management
3. Report generation and heatmap access
4. Real-time tracking of vehicles and drivers

Admin Panel

1. Centralized management platform
2. Workforce and asset management
3. Access to view all business operations
4. Report generation
5. Billing and settlement

Bike taxis are trending and emerging in the on-demand transportation industry. Therefore, this particular service sector has a greater scope for the business operators. It would be advisable to speed up your bike taxi service with an eminent bike taxi management system.

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