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The world is under the most devastating threat to the human race in the name of covid19. The pandemic situation has affected the world so much that almost every business has been facing downtime. So, this is a pretty long journey to normalcy and the transportation businesses are finding it hard to survive during this situation. However, commuters are already switching to the new normal and the following businesses can reap benefits by building an online mobility platform.

What is an online mobility platform?

A mobility platform is nothing but an  online digital space where transport service providers offer one or more transit services to commuters.

Below are some of the businesses that could be started on the mobility platform as people gravitate more towards it after the pandemic.


Ride-hailing is one of those businesses that are bouncing back after the pandemic. The market already shows prominent signs of growth with ride-hailing greats like Lyft recording a decent improvement in August 2020 when compared with their previous month’s economy. Lyft reported a 61% revenue drop versus the same period in 2019, but a glimmer of hope for its core ride-hailing business with monthly rides increasing  78% in July 2020, as compared to April 2020.

Ride-hailing involves multiple commuting options for people to travel from one place to the other. For example, if a person needs to travel from point A to point B, the mobility choices involve hiring a cab, choosing bike taxis, to reach destinations, all with the help   of one app.


Micromobility includes transportation using mini vehicles such as scooters, electric bikes, bicycles, etc. Leading industry players like Uber have already included these commuting options in their app for the ease of use by customers and also other companies are in the process of including these options.


Patients including the elderly and disabled miss out on their usual medical appointments in the course of the pandemic. This is where on-demand NEMT services come into play where vehicles are chosen based on the patients’ special needs and trips from and to healthcare centers are scheduled. The digital platform could provide faster access to NEMT services resulting in faster transport to the hospital.

Rental services

When it comes to longer rides, rental services prove to be a viable option. The on-demand platform provides room for rental services which allow customers to book vehicles for their long trips where fares are automatically calculated based on the distance traveled or the time taken and the vehicle chosen.

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