Ensure Your Passenger Safety with Uber-like Taxi App

Ensure Your Passenger Safety with Uber-like Taxi App

The taxi industry has witnessed many pressing issues in the recent days. After facing all these incidents, the concern has fallen on safety when it comes to hiring a taxi. A dearth of security will spoil the taxi business on the whole even if it provides high-end services. Every taxi business wants to adopt an Uber-like app to grow in the field. Developing an app like Uber doesn’t matter now; however, the security of the passenger matters. While adhering to a taxi-hiring app, consider whether the app has the following features to ensure the security of your customers:

Panic/Emergency Button
While taking a taxi ride, besides convenience, safety would be the major concern for many passengers, especially female passengers. While adopting an Uber-like taxi app, you have to make sure that your taxi app has panic/emergency button that has to send alerts to the police or rider’s family members when something wrong happens to him/her while traveling. The panic button should be linked to notify nearby police station or three contacts of the passenger to take immediate action in case of emergency.

Security Notification
As the passengers receive notification regarding the status of their ride, an option must be provided to notify their three contacts of the passenger whenever they have taken a ride. That notification must alert the rider’s relatives/friends about his/her journey status to notify them whether the passenger has reached the destination safely. This feature will definitely allow the riders to travel without fear leaving their caretakers with no worries about their safety.

Real-Time Tracking
Tracking your drivers and passengers all the time becomes necessary for security reasons. Therefore, equip your taxi app with an option of real-time tracking to safeguard your customers from evils. Using an Uber-like app might be the smartest way to enhance the taxi business; however, the safety of the passengers is even more important and requires smarter solutions to offer a hassle-free taxi ride.

Your taxi company’s reputation lies in the hands of your drivers. While hiring drivers, be considerate about their background verification and specify that you have zero tolerance for drugs/alcohol. As a service provider, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your customers. So, find all the possible ways to provide your passengers a secure ride.

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