How an Uber clone app can accelerate the growth of travel & tourism industry

uber clone app, growth of travel & tourism industry

Over the past few years, travel has become a mainstream activity. From visiting the local interests to commuting to the airports and hotels, transportation is the primary requisite for the travel and tourism industry.

The relevance of taxis in tourism

Travel and tourism industry is booming and it contributes about 8.2 trillion US dollars to the global economy at the moment. This is an obvious sign for the industry to witness enormous growth in the days to come. The growth of the travel and tourism sector is multi-dimensional and one example for the same is the on-demand taxi business.

The taxi business has a much wider scope especially when it comes to countries with several tourist attractions. Customer engagement is easier at these locations than anywhere else. The success story begins with facilitating the customer to reach you easily whenever they require taxi service. Here is where an Uber clone app becomes an asset for your taxi business.

How Uber clone works

When the customers send in a ride request, your Uber clone app fetches the details of the nearest taxis. Once the ride is confirmed, both the parties get access to each other’s location with the GPS-powered tracking system. At the end of the ride, the passenger makes payment easily using cash, in-app wallet or credit/debit cards.

Uber clones to revamp taxi business

The availability of Uber-like taxi apps makes it a cakewalk for the tourists to book their cabs with just a few taps on their phones. With an Uber clone application for your taxi business, you boost your online presence prompting passengers to avail your taxi service as and when they want it.

With the Uber clone app, you can manage the overall operations of your taxi business and streamline the same. With the insights generated by the app, you can also position your drivers in areas where there is a surge in demand and, in turn, gain more revenue.

Ensuring the safety of your passengers and drivers helps you earn their trust.  The Uber clone app comes with the SOS button to ensure maximum safety for your passengers and drivers. Once the panic button is clicked, a live link is sent to the individual’s emergency contacts and help arrives at the earliest. This way, your brand becomes the name for reliable taxi service paving the way for business expansion.

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