How did taxi clones apps revolutionize the industry?

How did taxi clones apps revolutionize the industry?

Today with more than 1,000,000 mobile apps being created and the rising mobile phone usage, the scope for B2B apps is growing on a daily basis. We see mobile applications becoming the heart of every business and in some, the business operations are dependent on the application itself.

Software product innovation is the key to the success of such applications where the relevant market study and scope is analyzed extensively. We have come across such applications where technology disruption has happened taking advantage of the digitalization.

For instance, the passenger transportation industry, precisely in the taxicab business, the disruption has opened a new opportunity where the concept of aggregation came into place. Uber was the first taxicab aggregator in the market whose business model is along the lines of aggregating the drivers and passengers through an app.

The success of Uber is very evident in the numbers they have presently, which led to a new hope in the passenger transportation sector. Following the increase in the market value due to Uber’s business model, a lot of companies started to change their focus in terms of their operating model. This led to a need for a white label product/software for the taxi cab companies to transform their business in order to not just survive, but also gain the market share from their competitors. Thus the taxi app clone becomes a need rather than a luxury to each and every cab company.

TagMyTaxi, an Uber Clone is a smart taxi dispatching application built with a state-of-the-art user interface and back-end performance. The application is well received by the taxi cab companies for the fact that the business expansion and transformation is evident through the app. Therefore the success of the Taxi app clone became highly predictable due to the factors such as low-cost investment, well-established awareness in the marketplace, etc. Moreover, such applications are released with better market analysis and features to mark their presence among the competitors and hence becomes an imperative platform in the taxi industry.

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