How marketing techniques can uplift your taxi business

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Today, the ride-hailing industry is immensely successful. In fact, the industry is expected to hit approximately $218 billion by 2025. Customers choosing ride-hailing services for their daily commute are rapidly increasing, and so is the competition. This is when marketing techniques come into the picture. Marketing promotes your business and creates awareness in people about your product and/or service. Check out the following marketing strategies that help you to make some early in-roads in the ride-hailing business.

Employ all kinds of marketing strategies

Marketing is the ‘crowd-pulling’ technique which has the power to garner a lot of attention from your customers. Do not always rely on a single technique, since many potential customers may not be attracted. Make yourself noticed by employing more strategies depending upon your purpose and target audience.

Marketing strategies involve both online and offline forms:

  • Online marketing – social media marketing, email campaigns, video advertisements, Pay-Per-Click (PPC)  etc.
  • Offline marketing – try cost-effective marketing techniques like flyers, radio advertisements, print publications, etc.

No matter which technique you adopt, it is important to send a cohesive brand message which is easily understandable and attracts your target audience instantly.

Brand awareness

Nowadays, taxis can be spotted everywhere. But when you take a closer look, you would find taxis that have a positive brand image (For instance: Uber, Lyft or Ola) attract more customers than others. Maintaining a brand image earns a good reputation for your business, in turn luring in more customers.

Right from working on key brand elements (such as your logo or tagline), to delivering consistent service standards, adopt effective strategies to build a favorable brand image.

Since a brand is considered to be the face of your business, it should be designed in such a way that it gets registered in everyone’s mind instantly and if a customer chooses to avail taxi, your brand should come as the first choice. Feedback, reviews and so many other factors also help to build your brand reputation.

Impact of social media influencers

The ride-hailing business is on the rise and so is social media marketing – collaborating both of them can have a greater impact on your business. Social media influencers are online advocates who share posts on a regular basis regarding any brand to their audience. Choose influencers who can promote your brand and your business to their wide audience base.  It’s important to spot influencers based on your business type so that they can be more influential to taxi-hirers.

Location-based techniques

Location too plays a major role in your marketing strategy. Ride-hailing business mainly focuses on the major cities, but if your taxi business covers certain rural areas, make sure to adopt different strategies as their impact differs for each geographical location. Traditional marketing techniques – posters, flyers, radio advertisements – prove pivotal in luring customers from non-urban areas.

Marketing is one of the most important techniques to elevate your taxi business. Also, observe the techniques that attract more clients and focus more on them to make a mark.  Talk to us today to gain more insights about ride-hailing business and how Tagmytaxi, with its brand reputation, could be the best digital solution for all your needs.


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