How on-demand delivery business is evolving during the pandemic

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Over the past few months, the global economy has faced the wrath of the pandemic situation. With transport companies looking for opportunities to survive the storm, on-demand delivery has become a major revenue stream for many businesses. Initially, people relied on delivery services during the lockdown period as they were unable to personally purchase essentials. But, with lockdown regulations in place, people still refrain from visiting stores and continue to depend on delivery services, thereby pushing the demand for delivery.

Take a look into how the delivery market is growing exponentially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grocery delivery

The grocery delivery market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.63% owing to the increasing demand from consumers during this pandemic situation. Popular taxi companies like Ola, Uber, Didi, etc. have all partnered with online grocery stores to use this situation as an ultimate time for their ideal resources to be functional and generate revenue.

Food delivery

The online food delivery market has also been on the rise during the curfew period and even after the various governments have announced relaxations. While consumers were initially afraid to choose delivery services, many companies announced ‘contactless delivery’ to encourage more orders. Additionally, factors like temperature checks and hygiene precautions taken by restaurants and delivery partners have increased customer trust.

Essential services

Need for delivering essentials such as medicines, pharmaceutical items, etc. have increased drastically since people considered delivery services to be safer than directly visiting the brick-and-mortar stores.

The rise of on-demand apps

In all the above cases, delivery apps played a major role in providing safe, stress-free services. Most taxi companies customized their existing mobile applications to help customers in ordering essentials while drivers were able to accept delivery orders from their existing driver app. Additionally, traditional businesses digitized their operations by adopting a dispatch and booking system.

Here are some of the benefits of adopting a digital platform for your on-demand delivery business:

  • Automate order requests and dispatching to provide faster delivery services.
  • Provide contactless payment options for your customers.
  • Keep your customers informed using real-time tracking and push notifications.
  • Manage both taxi and delivery requests from a single platform.

It is the most crucial time for taxi owners to explore new opportunities and mobilize their resources for generating revenue. Choose Tagmytaxi and its on-demand delivery platform to simplify your taxi and delivery business.

Delivery Management Software

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