How Tagmytaxi Benefits the Paratransit Business

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With the growing demand for non-emergency healthcare transportation, the NEMT and paratransit market faces tough competition. Furthermore, the existing challenges of the paratransit market, i.e. rising costs and inefficiency in servicing to urban and rural localities, has made it difficult for NEMT businesses to gain better revenue opportunities. However, the entry of paratransit and NEMT dispatch software has made operations simpler.

Here’s how Tagmytaxi helps your business to handle booking requests, manage assets and make smarter decisions for cost-savings.

Dispatch faster, service better

How do you service to a maximum number of patients without the complexities of a manual approach? Tagmytaxi has the solution for you.

With our dispatch platform, you can receive booking requests and assign the nearest available vehicle instantly. The platform gives you a complete overview of all your operations – where your vehicles are, what trips are in progress and which ones are available within the next few minutes to take a new ride. This way, you can plan your dispatch better on the digital platform, all without multiple phone calls and confusing paperwork.

Better customer experience

Comfort and convenience are the two cornerstones of a successful paratransit business. Tagmytaxi offers you an easy way to provide a better customer experience with its digital platform. Using the passenger app, your patients can book a ride within seconds. Additionally, you can allow your customers to add any special preferences such as wheelchair access, bed options etc. This way, you can plan for safe, comfortable rides which will, in turn, boost your brand image.

Improve fleet utilization

How do I attract more customers without expanding my fleet? – That’s one of the biggest dilemmas of every dispatcher. Tagmytaxi offers you a bird’s eye view of all your fleet operations to improve utilization. See the number of trips taken by a vehicle on a daily basis and increase productivity on lesser-used vehicles. This way, you are able to offer services to more patients without investing in a bigger fleet.

Streamline documentation

The paratransit business involves a massive amount of paperwork. From managing your patient information, vehicle and driver details to ride billings, Tagmytaxi solves all your documentation woes by digitizing processes. Access information easily and make operations simple using Tagmytaxi.

Make data-driven decisions 

We help you drive your paratransit business to the next mile by providing real-time insights. From trip history to revenue-wise data, use accurate information to make smarter decisions for cost management. Additionally, by viewing data such as user feedback, untimely trips and missed trips, you can take steps to train your drivers and ultimately improve your service standards.

Ready to adopt Tagmytaxi for your paratransit business? Talk to our product specialists today to access a free demo.

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