How to start a successful on-demand multi-services Gojek like app

Gojek like app, uber clone app

Multi-tasking has been the buzzword during this pandemic as it has given a lot of options for people to explore various opportunities under a single roof. Various verticals have been explored by business owners and many have proved to be successful, like ride-hailing, delivery services, hyperlocal business, etc in a single app and they have proved to be a huge hit during this pandemic.

What is present in the multi-services app?

Transportation services – helps the users to adopt various modes of transportation services right from ride-hailing to bike taxis and also other means of taxi services.

Delivery services – multi-services apps provide the leisure of including multiple delivery services in a single app that includes food, grocery, medicine, courier services, etc.

Hyperlocal services – on-demand services corresponding to a particular area or region falling in a geofence zone providing deliveries of food, grocery, drugs, etc.

Delivery Management Software

Advantages of a Gojek-clone app

  • The clone apps are available at a reduced cost.
  • The number of resources involved in building the app is very less.
  • Time taken to construct the apps are also very less taking lesser time to launch in the market.

Prominent features of this multi-service app

Multiple panels

There are several panels available for all the stakeholders using the app – admin, user and service provider.

The admin panel helps to monitor the package location and all the revenue related information along with the payroll could be easily achieved.

The user or the customer panel includes the tracking information where the location is retrieved along with exact prices.

The service provider panel gives you the option of monitoring both the driver and the customer and making sure the package has been delivered on time without any fuss.

Real-time tracking

One of the cornerstones of the multi-services app is that it never misses the mark. It helps to track your assets like a pro – be it the vehicle, driver or the customer – provides accurate detail and information about their whereabouts or transit locations.

Review and feedback

This is one of the most essential features that let your customers provide their feedback about the package and the service. It helps to pay attention to the areas that need improvement with the feedback from the customers and the drivers.

Multiple payment options

Always relying on a single payment option could be difficult, as every customer chooses a different mode depending on their convenience. This has been sorted out in the on-demand app helping the customers to pay as their wish. The customers can choose their mode of payment with the app providing several payment options making it easier for the customers.

On-demand multi-service apps are touted to be the future of several businesses and it doesn’t change an inch for the taxi business.

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