Implement IRT Feature to Dispatch Safer Taxi Service

Implement IRT Feature to Dispatch Safer Taxi Service

While enjoying the convenience of technology, we have to face some evils. Now it is the case with taxi aggregation, which was considered as one of the best initiatives in the taxi industry. However, a series of life-threatening incidents increases the demand for safety measures. At any rate, providing secure commuting options to passengers is the duty of the service providers.

Since the arrival of app-based, taxi-booking service, we have witnessed several evil happenings across the world. Taxi service providers like Uber have already implemented several safety measures to protect their customers as well as their drivers. Added to that, Uber has recently introduced an Incident Response Team (IRT) call-back line that can be accessed from the app.

Growing safety concerns urged the taxi e-hailing service providers to equip their applications with the IRT feature. It allows users to submit a ticket on any critical incident or accident. In response, they will receive a call-back from the designated team. On such emergency situation, security guards or medical support will be deployed for the rescue of the riders who are in trouble. As a way to improve the safety of the passengers and enhance communication during the emergency, the taxi aggregators have added this feature into their applications to assure users that their service is reliable.

IRT concept holds a hope that this will work and protect the riders and drivers especially when they are on an inopportune ride. With the advent of IRT, Uber has proved that they are concerned about their customers’ safety and dedicated to providing a secure solution to ride. It is a greater initiative that has to be implemented with effect by every taxi aggregators as they are on a verge of proving their customers that they are trustworthy to be relied on. So that the general public will use such services in future with no fear.

Ensure your customers’ safety with an Uber-like app that is built with above-said features for improved business proficiency.

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