Market value of ride-hailing industry and how Uber-clone apps can boost it

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The success of the ride-hailing service providers like Uber has increased the number of fresh ventures into the industry. USA, India, China, Indonesia and UK are few of the countries where ride-hailing makes a huge part of its revenue. The market value of ride-hailing in the US for 2019 is $157 million. It is expected to increase by 20% in 2023 with several Uber clones coming up.

The Uber clone apps make a huge contribution to the growth of the ride-hailing industry by fetching more new customers with every passing day. After all, it is with these apps the taxi service providers facilitate the customers to book their taxis in a few clicks. Here are the key Uber clone features that have been considered a prerequisite for a ride-hailing app.

User profiles

Both the passenger and driver can create personal profiles on the Uber clone app. In short, the individual profiles are the gateway tickets for the users to avail ride-hailing services at ease. The admin can also easily evaluate the number of users for the app with each one having a profile.

Real-time visibility

The real-time tracking feature of the Uber-clone app facilitates the customer to track the driver’s location. Knowing the precise location of the passenger prompts the driver to take the fastest route and reach at the earliest. Besides, the customer also gets to know the fare estimation for each ride once the exact pickup and drop locations have been identified.

Payment gateways

With the Uber clone app, the taxi service providers can give the customers a wide range of choices, such as credit/ debit card, in-app wallet and cash, to pay for their rides. This way, the taxi service providers can offer more convenience and add one more reason for the passengers to choose the ride-hailing app.

Push notifications

Taxi service providers can use push notifications to inform their customers about special discounts and other ride-related updates. Such notifications can kindle the customers’ curiosity and prompt them to take frequent rides.

Comprehensive analytics

The Uber clone app generates analytics based on which the taxi owners can identify areas that need attention and improvement. It includes the total number of rides taken, locations with high demand, dispatch frequency, and revenue earned.

Rating & Review

The Uber-clone app allows passengers to rate each ride once it is completed. Taxi owners can view drivers based on their ratings and take the necessary steps to improve their services.

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