Must-have Features of Uber Clone to Accelerate your On-Demand Taxi Business

uber clone, on-demand taxi booking app

On-demand taxi booking apps are the most sought-after ones in the global market with the rising need to make transportation faster and safer. Uber clone, in particular, plays an integral role in boosting on-demand taxi businesses at the moment. If you are looking forward to starting an on-demand taxi business, creating an Uber-like app can be an unfailing catalyst for the same. Here is how an Uber clone app fetches you the best benefits while ensuring seamless rides for the passengers.

On-Demand Taxi Booking App

Track rides in real-time

With the real-time tracking feature, the passenger can track down the precise location of the driver as and when the ride is confirmed. The passenger is at complete liberty to view the location of the driver at any given point of time, giving you the opportunity to provide a seamless experience for your passengers.

Convenient fare splitting

The Uber-clone app allows the passenger to split the fare for each ride while placing a request for the same. All that the user has to do is surf the contact list for friends who are the users of the corresponding Uber-clone app. Once the request is accepted by the counterparty, the split fare feature is automatically implemented.

Take the best route

The Uber-like taxi app makes room for effective route optimization by allowing your drivers to take the best routes and reach the drop location at the earliest. Using the Uber-clone app, drivers can choose the shortest routes to provide your customers with super-fast rides.

Share trip details

Uber clones guarantee 100% safety to the passengers by facilitating them to share the trip details in real-time. The passengers can easily share the live trip details and location status via SMS to their friends and family.

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