Tagmytaxi: An Integrated Taxi Software with Payment Gateways for Seamless Online Payments

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Payment gateways are to add more convenience to the users as well as to the on-demand taxi businesses by increasing the liquidity of money. Moreover, it enables tension-free and secure transactions. Taxi management software and applications are required to be integrated with the third-party payment gateways for safe online payment options for your passengers.

If you are into on-demand taxi business, Tagmytaxi would be the right solution for you to provide your customers with reliable services accompanied by plenty of payment options to use your service conveniently. Tagmytaxi is an Uber clone app that has been brought into the ever-evolving ride-hailing industry for a purpose: as a way to support taxi startups and traditional taxi companies to evolve and sustain in the highly competitive environment.

Every country has its own payment platforms to receive and send payments. By considering this, Tagmytaxi is integrated with a handful of payment gateways in order to let the taxi companies receive payments online in their respective countries. On-demand ride-hailing businesses rely solely on online payments. Our highly reliable taxi dispatch software has been made to support businesses across the globe by being integrated with ‘n’ number of supportive gateways. Listed here country-/region-wise payment gateways that are included in the taxi management software:

  • US

PayPal, BrainTree, Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal Swiper & Chip reader

  • Canada

PayPal, Apple Pay, BrainTree, Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal Swiper & Chip reader

  • Europe

PayPal, BrainTree, Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal Swiper & Chip reader, Payment Sense,

  • South America

Iugu, Stripe, Payme

  • Asia Pacific

Apple Pay, SampathBank, Molpay, Stripe, Mpesa, Authorize.net, 2C2P

  • Middle East and North Africa

stspayone, CrediMax, Paymobsolution, Stripe, HyperPay, Hesabe – KNET, Saman Bank Saman Electronic Payment Co. (SEP), payfort, Paystack

  • African Countries

Paystack, Webpay, PayU, M-pesa, Peach, Ucollect, Flutterwave, Rave, Hubtel, Furthermarket

  • India

HDFC Payment Gateway, Paytm, CCAvenue, EBs, PayUMoney

Check whether your preferred payment gateway is listed here. If not, no problem. Contact us with your requirement. We will integrate it for you as Tagmytaxi can support all types of payment gateways and suitable for all countries across the globe.

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