The new normal: How taxi and delivery services work together

taxi and delivery services

As the world continues to struggle under the pandemic, many industries and factories have been facing the worst recession scenario. But things may change for the better. Until the market bounces back to normal, there are many ways you could invest your money and resources to handle the situation in a positive way. This situation demands taxi and transportation businesses to focus on alternative options to generate revenue and redeem the situation.

Unified platform for ride-hailing and delivery service

The lockdown situation has accelerated the demand for delivery as individuals rely on delivery businesses to get their essentials such as food, groceries and medicines.

As a taxi company, you can leverage your existing workforce and fleet to accommodate this demand. In fact, providing multiple services will help you survive uncertainties.

So, how do you manage both your existing ride-hailing and delivery demand? The answer is simple – Tagmytaxi offers an innovative dispatching and booking platform that makes it easy to manage ride bookings and order deliveries, all from a single platform.

How does it work?

Using the mobile application, allow your customers to send delivery requests. Here, users can provide the pickup and drop location, order details and other instructions and place the request.

Similar to how taxis are dispatched to meet the booking request, the platform will allow you to either automatically assign drivers or allocate a particular individual to manage orders. With the interactive dashboard, you can track both your orders and rides, all from one place.

Below mentioned are the features that are in sync with the taxi platform that best suit delivery services and results in hassle-free deliveries:

On-time dispatches

The platform helps you to deliver the packages to the concerned person on time with the help of contact information, location, and optimized route for faster delivery. With all the information on hand, your drivers and dispatchers will have no trouble picking up the order and delivering it to another location.

Real-time updates

Get notified about your delivery status, every step of the way. Keep track of order pickups and delivered information using the interactive dashboard. Also, you can provide real-time information to your customers to keep them informed and improve their experience.

Metrics and analytics

With the help of the platform, you can easily analyze the customer details, their booking history, stored documents, and revenue generated statistics. You can categorize the data for both taxi-related and delivery services individually for better understanding that also minimizes the lengthy paperwork.

Feedback & reviews

Collect genuine feedback from your customers regarding your delivery service. This helps in gaining more insight into the customer needs and areas of improvement which can be used to provide an error-free delivery of the packages.

There are many opportunities for you to explore during this lockdown period and if things go well, you could have greater opportunities at hand for generating revenues and utilizing your resources. The Tagmytaxi platform also provides easy access to perform multiple operations in a single platform – giving you very little to worry about.

Try Tagmytaxi, a platform that helps you achieve the best results of providing multiple services, all from one place.


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