The Right Way to Use Facebook Analytics to Increase Taxi-Booking App Downloads

Facebook is the most actively used social media platform, which has been surfed by 1.65 billion people across the globe every month. Facebook Analytics is a wonderful tool that has been designed to help businesses measure the performance of their apps and see how their customers interact with apps and chatbots. It helps them in analyzing all relevant data in the easiest way.

Facebook Analytics is a brilliant tool to increase the downloads of your app. It is easy to use that can grant plenty of insights about your business, growth, and targeting.

Your target customers do not necessarily have a Facebook account. Facebook Analytics aggregates data and converts them into insights. It is simply helping app-based service providers with data to understand their customers better. By offering key metrics and reports, insights, and real-time notifications, it enables service providers like you to:

  • monitor your digital properties such as app, website, chatbot, etc.;
  • get to know your active users, retention, demographics, and revenue; and
  • receive notifications and automated insights.

Facebook Analytics is a reliable tool to know your customers and understand their pressing needs. You can increase the downloads of your app by having key performance indicators related to app installs and launches are key performance indicators. It also tracks events and provides analytics about your past users who left with no reasons. By knowing such data, you can retarget those audiences and bring them back with attractive offerings.

With the data provided by Facebook Analytics, you as the business operator can take certain crucial business decisions by having business insights on hand with which you can attract your potential customers by providing them with special offers and prompt them to consider your service and install your apps.

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