Uber Clone App – An Arbitrator between Drivers and Passengers

Uber Clone App – An Arbitrator between Drivers and Passengers

Mobile applications have a major role in the taxi revolution where Uber is the forerunner. They have streamlined the taxi business just by adhering to a spellbound app that ignites the spark. That kindled the business operators and taxi aggregators to look for an app that resembles Uber’s taxi-hailing app, and there is a brainchild Uber clone app conceived that opens bigger profit-making opportunities in the on-demand taxi business.

Besides business operators, the drivers as well as the riders can also get benefitted by enjoying the convenience it provides. Communication between them would be enhanced and streamlined if the ride is processed via the taxi-booking app as it has the following features that enable ease of booking and sharing:

Google Map Integration
GPS is the key feature that makes things happen in online taxi services with which finding the pickup and drop location and tracking the feasible route with less traffic would be much easier. So that there will not be much discrepancies among the driver and the rider in finding the places.

Secure Payment Gateways
The clone app should have secure in-app payment gateways to provide customers the convenience of paying through debit or card or even via mobile wallets, which will be comfortable for both the parties.

Fare Estimation
Price/fare estimation is another eminent feature with which passengers can get an approximate price estimation for the ride they are going to take.

Rating and Reviews
Rating and review option is a must-have of the Uber clone because the passenger or driver holds the right to speak out his/her concerns or experience they got during their ride.

Driver Profiling
For safety concerns, user and driver’s profile must also be available.

Moreover, drivers and passengers are the only two involving in the entire process in person; therefore, their communication channel must be an effective one for the successful completion of the business. To include all the required features, it requires expertise to develop a clone of an eminent taxi-booking applications. White-labeled taxi-booking software such as TagMyTaxi is an Uber clone that works as does the Uber or Lyft’s app, which is tailor-made for taxi businesses to get profit out of it.

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