How Can An Uber-like Taxi App for Drivers Be Effective?


A driver is the backbone of the taxi business; moreover, they act as ambassadors of your taxi service because they are the ones who represent your brand and meet your customers face to face. As the industry giants like Uber and Lyft have understood the importance of driver app, they have enriched their driver apps with enhanced features to simplify drivers’ jobs.

The Uber-like app for drivers must be a massive portal rather than being an app to receive and accept cab requests. Drivers often encounter a lot of critical issues while driving or using the app. Therefore, the Uber clone app for drivers must be a feature-rich and user-friendly tool to support them at any point in time. Following are a few must-have features that can make your drivers perform well with ease:

Move Your Business with Uber-like Taxi App

The identity of the driver matters. So, the drivers should have to create their profile and maintain a separate account to stay on track of their trips. If you display the detailed profile of your drivers in the taxi booking app while passengers booking cabs, it authenticates your service; they will also trust your service with the hope that they can travel safely with the driver who has a good profile.

GPS Tracking
The tracking system is the core of the taxi booking app without which the taxi business is not possible in the current scenario. The Uber clone app must have a GPS-enabled tracking system to support drivers in tracking the passenger locations and finding feasible routes. It will also be useful during emergency situations to track the vehicles and save the victims.

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Alerts and Notifications
The drivers have to be notified on new bookings as soon as the passengers hit the confirm button to dispatch taxis on time. The driver app should be enabled with features to receive updates, promotions, and other notifications that will ultimately help you provide a seamless taxi service.

Tracking Earnings
The app should also be enriched with an option to provide drivers with the complete details about their daily, weekly, and monthly trips, overall earnings, and other related activities. To list a few:

  • Earnings
  • Trip history
  • Report on every ride
  • Recent transactions
  • Feedback options
  • Referral program

Wallet system in the ride-hailing mobile application is a common feature of the driver app to make the payment processes simple.

Safety Button
In many scenarios, taxi drivers would be the victims of the cruel taxi accidents or incidents. Besides other features, the Uber-like taxi apps for drivers should also have SOS button in a bid to make sure your drivers’ safety. The drivers can use the panic button when they are in an emergency situation to notify the rescue team to get timely help.

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Heat Map of Surge Areas
This heat map of surge areas is for drivers, which is nothing but a graphical representation of data that are recorded over an area with a steady stream of ride requests. It helps drivers to find the places with high demand for taxis and get more rides.

Taxi drivers may find difficulties at times in using the Uber-like taxi app due to the complexity of the app or tech illiteracy. Therefore, the Help section is key for them to contact the admin to get support whenever they need it.

Mostly, cab booking apps are the cloned ones. However, even if you are using such Uber clone taxi booking app, your taxi solution can be a reliable service only if you equip your drivers with an eminent driver app which may be solely to accept cab bookings but it has to be a comprehensive platform to do everything the drivers would require to manage their account.

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