Uber-like taxi dispatch platform for hassle-free corporate transits

uber like taxi app

The ease of booking taxis with an efficient Uber-like taxi application has led to the strong growth of the on-demand taxi market and it continues to look promising in the future too. The global taxi dispatch software was approximately $199 million in 2016 is anticipated to increase with a healthy growth rate of more than 17.5% over the forecast period 2018-2025. Following this trend, an increasing number of corporate employees are looking forward to access daily commute easily and corporate businesses are choosing taxi giants to take care of their employees’ transit operation by offering a safe and comfortable ride.

Below mentioned are the reasons that show the importance of taxi dispatch software and how it assists service providers to offer seamless service to corporate companies and their employees.

Real-time tracking

Lack of visibility has been one of the growing causes for service providers to lose their credibility factor among the corporate circle. From delayed pickups, trip cancellations and inability to track vehicle locations, failing to give your customers complete transparency can tarnish your business reputation.

A taxi dispatch software helps in providing visibility to all the stakeholders involved. Where your customers can track their vehicles in real-time, you gain complete control of your vehicles, trip status and more.

Scheduling trips and routes

The platform allows the dispatchers to schedule trips as per the customer’s requirements, such as preferred location and convenient time. Route optimization is yet another speciality that lets the dispatcher provide the best route, allowing the drivers to reach the destination on time.

Client-specific packages

A taxi dispatch system lets you manage all kinds of booking requests – right from the daily commute to complete transport packages. When it involves on-site visits, meetings at several locations, a vehicle can be allocated specifically for the employee for their entire trip and fares can be fixed as a package. All the business-related information can be easily stored for easy access and executed perfectly with one efficient platform.

Automated processes

There is nothing much to worry about when an automated platform cuts off your workload by reducing manual interventions and lengthy paperwork, thereby saving your time and cost. Keep track of trip fares, billing invoices and documentation with a digitized solution.

Keeping the growing business in mind, it is essential to focus on consistent improvement with the help of a dispatch software that helps in providing hassle-free transit for corporate companies.

TagMyTaxi is one such platform that offers all the features and convenience that are needed in a dispatch system. Still got questions? Talk to us today to know more about our platform and see it live in action.

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