White-label Uber Clone App to Vamp up On-demand Taxi Business

App like uber

The ride-sharing concept itself is the brainchild of Uber. Being the father of the online taxi business, Uber has reached greater heights whereas still testing several strategies, introducing various features to meet the demand and face challenges, and spreading its wings across the globe dynamically. But, the entrance of Uber into the on-demand transportation industry has affected the business of other traditional taxis and deprived them off from the market. While understanding the market potential, the other taxi business operators have started looking for solution to catch the market again. In order to compete with Uber, they were in the verge of adopting a technology that Uber was using. There comes the Uber clone app, which is nothing but a replica of Uber taxi software with separate applications for passengers and drivers.

White-label Uber Clone App

The Uber clone apps have come into play to support the traditional taxi companies and taxi startups in acquiring their share in the industry. Clone apps are for on-demand taxi business that allow taxi companies to manage their business on an integrated platform, and let their passengers book cabs online and help their drivers to deliver taxi service. Being a white-label software, you can reach your customers with your brand name. These types of Uber clone | App like uber software are often customizable that can be made to suit your business requirements. Software providers like Tagmytaxi offer the best-in-class Uber clone app with unique features that work on both iOS and Android platforms. Even the installation process is easy that can be done on Cloud, which will let you proceed your business in a day or two with a new outlook.

Must-have Features of App Like Uber That Really Sells

Admin panel, integrated platform for dispatcher, and user-friendly applications for passengers and drivers are the most basic attributes of any on-demand taxi software. However, all the above panels and apps should be enriched with features to deliver a reliable taxi service. Following are a few key features that any Uber-like app should have:

Admin Panel:

Manage and monitor business operations from a single platform designated for administration purposes

1. All-inclusive platform
2. Asset management
3. Workforce management
4. Company management
5. Report generation

Dispatcher Panel:

Help them handle every operations related to dispatching with ease

1. Live dispatching (auto and manual)
2. Real-time tracking of drivers and assets
3. Heatmap access
4. Report generation

Passenger App:

Let your customers send ride requests in a few clicks and get hassle-free rides

1. Quick online booking
2. Live tracking
3. In-app payments and wallet system
4. Safety button
5. Feedback option

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