Zone Management System for an Improved Taxi Dispatch System

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In recent days, the term “geofencing” becomes the buzzword in the ride-hailing industry due to the convenience it offers to both taxi companies and drivers. In the ever-evolving taxi sector, geofencing is nothing but a virtual boundary you can set on the integrated map and fix unique fare for the drawn zone and between zones. Providing ride-hailing service by distinguishing locations based on the demand (like airports, bus or train station, etc.) or selecting particular place (whether a city or an area within a city) has made dispatch easier for service providers. In order to provide zone-based on-demand taxi services, you need to adhere to a taxi management software that has been enabled with the zone management module.

In this zonal arrangement, you, as a business operator, can follow a fixed fare system for the designed zone where you can fix a standard fare for places that have surging demand for taxis. Likewise, you can also set a fixed fare for trips from one zone to another zone. The fare fixation in this system will be as follows:

  • City-based fare (if the city is set as a zone)
  • Zone-based fare (if a particular location is set as a zone)
  • Zone-to-zone fare (between two zones)

Based on the location you have encircled, you can line up your vehicle range and increase service quality, which will ultimately improve the reliability of your service, thereby helping you gain the trust of your drivers and goodwill among your users.

The geofencing will enable you to segregate your service location and dispatch right vehicles to the precise location in a timely manner. With this geofencing feature, you can dispatch in an advanced way where the trip requests will be sent to the nearest available drivers who are within the zone and can dispatch vehicles in the shortest possible time, which allows you to have more control over your dispatch process.

In the forthcoming days, the zone management system will be upgraded to provide you an option to dispatch your vehicles in an advanced way so that all your drivers will get benefited evenly. The advanced dispatch system will help you dispatch vehicles to the longest waiting cars in the zone, or the vehicles nearest to the pick-up location, or in a hybrid mode, enabling both options. This kind of dispatch system will help you to distribute the bookings in the fairest way among all your drivers.

Taxi Management System

To know about the zone management feature, contact our consultant today for a clear demonstration of the geofencing feature.

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