• Oway Ride

    Oway ride is a Myanmar based taxi company that offers three categories of services such as the standard, the prime and the limo. After selecting the category, passengers can hire the nearest cabbie and confirm their pick­up and drop locations from drop down selection list directly in the application. Oway Ride then confirms the request and sends the cabbie's information such as the name and mobile number to the passenger.

  • Fasta Fasta

    Fasta Fasta is a radio taxi booking service based in Tanzania. Fasta Fasta allows users to hire vehicles operating intra city (taxis, bikes, autos) via the smartphone application. The passengers can select the location as well as the additional facilities they require while booking. They also can view all drivers who are connected with the Fasta Fasta taxi services.

  • Zuver

    Zuver offers chauffeured car services across India. We delivered an end to end solution for the company to hire private drivers for the vehicles they own. The Drive now and Drive later options give customers the privilege to hire the nearest available driver to ride immediately or schedule for future dates. All rides can be tracked and managed using the application. The users can also share their rides with friends via Whatsapp, SMS or email.

  • anfalimo


    AnfaLimo is a customised smartphone application developed for limousine businesses and is available in both android and iOS platforms. The application completely eliminates the hassles of phone calls and text messages which enables drivers and passengers to book, manage and track their locations. Both drivers and passengers can receive their current booking status and they could also view the history of previous rides.

  • Q8 Taxi

    Q8 taxi is an on-demand taxi booking solution that enables easy taxi hailing, tracking and managing trips. The application contains essential features for both drivers and passengers which allows them to navigate using GPS system. It also offers several reliable payment modes for easy transactions.

  • Hosur Cabs

    Hosur Cabs, an Indian-based startup, built a mobile platform to minimise the inconvenience for customers in hailing taxis and help taxi owners make dispatch operations effortless with an intelligent cab software. The customers can select the nearest available cab and book a ride in just a few taps. The option to add the locations that the passengers would frequently travel to in the favorite list enables fast booking in the upcoming trips.

  • aa_ha

    Smart Cops

    Smart cops is a chat application which we developed for the government of madhya pradesh, india. MP police had intended to develop a dedicated closed user group(CUG) network for connecting people in a secure way. Smart cops application allows people to intimate the criminal activities to the police department via instant messaging service . This application enables push to talk for people and the cops to send voice messages to each other. This application also enables to share the location by using GPS.

  • Blu Cab

    Blu Cab application is a comprehensive taxi booking system that allows taxi drivers to customise their visibility to the customers easily via GPS facility. Passengers can book, track and manage trips through the mobile application. Also, taxi drivers can keep track of the progress of the ongoing trip. Taxi drivers can keep track of the progress of the ongoing trip. Taxi the jobs completed, jobs rejected, transactions and so forth.

  • iBookRide

    This is a simple, yet attractive, mobile application for taxi hiring. The amenities provided for a ride are based on the people who use the application categorised as business class, economy class, VIP and the vehicle model such as SUV or minivan. Users should select the country and the city they are in and they wish to travel to. Based on the pickup and drop locations, an estimate of the fare is calculated automatically inclusive of the waiting charges, if any.

  • MTL

    MTL was delivered a taxi booking application that allows passengers to select the pickup and drop locations with a tap over the Google Map to hire taxis. The services are provided in worthwhile rates that is calculated automatically based on the distance. Passengers can view the route and the distance covered by the taxi approaching the pickup point using GPS facility. Passengers can also provide feedback on the services provided by the drivers.

  • Runboy

    Runboy is a local shopping and services application for people to fulfil their daily needs. The application was developed for both android and iOS users where they can purchase basic essentials including groceries, confectionery, meat and other household items with a few taps on the app. The application also allows people to request for local services to do plumbing, carpentry, painting, laundry and other home services.