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Some things speak for themselves

  • Q8Taxi


    Q8Taxi is an on-demand taxi booking solution that enables easy taxi hailing, tracking, and managing trips. Having connected over 1,000+ drivers and 1,500+ vehicles, Q8Taxi dispatches taxis for Kuwaitis through the application that contains essential features for both drivers and passengers. It also offers several reliable payment modes for easy transactions.

  • Drinkdrive

    As its name signifies, Drinkdrive, a Sri Lankan taxi company, is intended to reduce the drunk-driving accidents while providing professional and quality service to its customers. Safety being the primary ethos of the company, they ensure the safety of their intoxicated customers by delivering an extensive transportation solution to them. Drinkdrive provides round-the-clock taxis service to the passengers through its eminent taxi-booking Android and iOS applications.

  • Marhaba Taxi

    Marhaba Taxi

    An Omani Uber; this is how Marhaba Taxi has been addressed by the locals because of its seamless taxi service. It was the first of its kind when it was started in Muscat targeting the tourism sector. However, it had astonished the passengers with its quality service, highly professional drivers, and timely dispatch. While providing convenience, it offers the safest rides to the tourists and families across Omen.

  • ZustGo

    With over 200+ vehicles, ZustGo has been launched into the taxi industry with the intention to bring a smile on every taxi passenger’s face. By complying with the governmental norms, it wants to provide great ride experience at nominal rates through an affluent taxi service. The ZustGo taxi booking and dispatching applications allow it to give a consistent taxi service to its customers in India with an all-efficient taxi technology.


    As a Nigerian tech delivery solution, U TRUCKIT priorities safety of its taxi passengers besides reliability and convenience. Through an integrated mobile application, it offers transit services with ease. With the vision to drive cost-effective taxi business, U TRUCKIT adopts an innovative and responsible transportation solution that ultimately creates sustainable value for Nigeria and Nigerians.