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How does the Uber clone software work?

  • Driver App

  • Passenger App

  • Admin

Tagmytaxi driver application, with its driver-focussed properties, is entitled to manage passenger requests in the most propitious manner.

Letting your customers book taxis using extremely personalised iOS / Android app for a hassle-free and effortless e-hailing experience.

Automate your dispatch operations to accelerate better business results with the most comprehensive taxi management system.

Key benefits of Uber clone software

  • No requirement of extra hardware and equipments
  • White label application with custom features
  • Real-time vehicle position (GPS) & status updates
  • Android & IOS apps for both drivers and passengers
  • Extensive admin panel for taxi owners
  • Auto dispatch of taxis to the nearest available driver
  • Auto fare calculation using pickup & dropoff locations
  • Push notification feature for drivers and passengers
  • Scheduled / Advance booking feature
  • E-receipts for the payments completed
  • Cash / Credit card / Wallet transactions
  • Redeemable promo code feature
  • Passenger login using social media
  • Passenger ratings on drivers after rides
  • Easy navigation using inbuilt Google Maps
  • 'Favourites' option to save addresses & drivers
  • Admin with the privilege to manage / generate reports
  • VoIP call add-on for dispatcher panel
  • End to end taxi cab management
  • Multiple language support

Are you getting your ROI in time?

    • Taxi's
    • Trips
    • Commisions
    • Calculate Revenue
    • See Ex :
    • $
    • Calculate
    • Consider you manage 100 taxis

      Which gets 5 trips per day per taxi.

      Your Commission based on each trip is say 0.50 $

    • $
      / Month
    • Then

      100 taxis gets 500 trips

      500 trips *0.50 $ = 250 $ per day

      250$ per day = 7500$ per month !!

  • Support

    We have an excellent staffs who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the market trends.

    • 24/7 support
    • Online Demo, User manuals
    • Tutorials and Blogs
    • Social media help desk
  • Worldwide

    Always feel at home using our software. Widespread client base helps us to understand needs more closely. Flexibility over setting local time ,date format, currency, map and so on.

    • International support
    • Worldwide feasibility
    • Multilingual
    • Robust settings
  • Easy Administrative

    A complete uber clone solution to connect users and taxi drivers. Easy to use, powerful, web admin panel & mobile apps to improve the efficiency cab management.

    • Website Integration
    • Interactive UI
    • GPS Navigation
    • Trip History

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Let your taxi business get ahead with 3 simple steps
  • 1


    a readymade taxi application

  • 2


    an instant taxi business

  • 3


    and get your ROI in time

Our Great Work

Rather than working hard, we emphasise on working smart. Our far-reaching and extensive uber clone software for taxi companies have the potential to create an ecosystem that is specifically tailored to enhance your taxi business with 10 times higher outcomes.

In a world where the crowning glory is hard work, we beg to differ. We work smart and We share joy.

Built around this belief is our uber clone - a comprehensive taxi management solution, guaranteed to improve efficiency by ten folds. With flexible data management and scaling options, tag my taxi opens up a whole new world of possibilities.



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